Bragging Rights:

Social Gaming Visualized

a senior project // ICAM @ UCSD // Frank Shanley

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Use demo User ID: 76561198008022937

Bragging Rights: Social Gaming Visualized is a visual exploration of how we relate to each other across gaming social networks. The project seeks to uncover the ways in which value and reverence are attributed to profiles (simplified: avatars) based on numerical values - statistics, achievements, and records.

In Bragging Rights, you are represented by a number, embodied as a circle.

In this world, worth is ascribed in terms of your game library (how large is it?), your friends list (how long is that list?), and your scores & achievements (how much time have you invested, and how honed are your skills?).

This project utilizes game data from Steam to generate its visualizations.

If you do not have a Steam profile, simply use the provided demo ID.